Due to my hectic schedule, I would frequently choose to watch a two-minute video over reading the same content in 15 minutes. According to Wyzowl's research, 87 percent of companies already use video as an element of their marketing plan. 79 % of respondents indicate that a brand's video persuaded them to purchase software or an application. Today's brands and businesses must use video to the fullest extent possible since it is the future medium. Here are five reasons why you and your organization should use video in your marketing strategy without a doubt.

You're introducing a brand-new item to the market. See how it works by making a video using a free online video editor. People view a video about a product or service 98 % of the time,  in order to learn more about it. Most companies that utilize videos for marketing are putting a video on their homepage. This company's homepage explanation video was considered intriguing by 83% of users.

The age of the viral video is upon us. In addition, 92% of mobile video watchers share videos with others. While promoting your business, you may also have a good time. Free online video editors are a great resource. Video marketing is an efficient, entertaining, and adaptable method for reaching various consumers. 80% of all consumer Internet traffic will be video. This alone is sufficient justification to consider including and promoting video marketing in one's marketing plan. Still not convinced? Consider the five reasons why you should begin utilizing video marketing.

  • Video Increases Conversions and Revenue

Priorities come first. Videos may generate significant income. Including a product video on your landing page may boost conversions by 80%. Video may also lead straight to purchases. According to a number of studies, 74 %  of individuals who watched an explainer video about a product or service ultimately wound up buying that product or service. Start creating your engaging product videos immediately with the help of free online video editing websites

The video's effectiveness is not surprising when one considers it. After all, vision is the sense that has the most influence on us. Visual information makes up the vast majority of the data sent to our brain. Visual information makes up the vast bulk of what is taken in by our brain.

Consequently, if images can increase engagement significantly, imagine what moving images might do for your company.

  • Stronger Emotional Connections

Entrepreneur magazine defines branding as "the marketing process of developing a name, symbol, or design that identifies and distinguishes a product from other items." Emotional branding establishes an emotional connection with a firm that distinguishes it from the competition and generates brand identity over time.

These emotional ties provide a more significant ROI and increase audience engagement. According to Medium, 94% of respondents stated they would be very inclined to suggest a company with whom they were emotionally connected. I could not have articulated it better. You may utilize video to appeal to the audience's emotions while promoting your goods or message.

  • Video Increases Confidence and Trustworthiness

Videos are ideal for establishing your company's and brand's personality, allowing you to connect with your audience and earn their trust. 90% of users believe that product videos aid in the decision-making process. The more videos you have to teach and inform your customers, the stronger your trust will be. And sales translate to trust. Additionally, promotional videos can foster belief. Some people are still hesitant to purchase goods and services online out of fear of fraud and deception. However, good promotional films conversationally convey your items. This generates a feeling of individualization, which is why 57% of buyers said videos provided them greater confidence to shop online.

  • Video Drives Organic Traffic

By 2022, 82% of consumer Internet traffic will consist of video. Moovly reports that a website with an embedded video has a 53 times greater chance of ranking first on Google. Since Google acquired YouTube, the influence of videos on search engine rankings has increased significantly. However, 75% of Google searches do not get beyond the first page. So, here are some strategies to get your film on the first page of Google:

Include your keywords in the title, description, and video itself.

This will help Google evaluate your video's ranking based on its relevance to the user's search query. Both Google Trends and Adwords help create keywords for your video. Remember to incorporate the keywords in the video, such as in the starting narration. Google has speech recognition software that identifies which keywords your video should rank for based on the words you use in the video.

Bring viewers to your video.

You've created excellent material; share it! You may do this by uploading your video to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and embedding it in blog posts and web pages. Including a call to action in your article may encourage others to share it too! It would be best if you also strived to embed your video everywhere, whether on a blog post or website that is not your own.

  • Video Boost Exceptional ROI

Moreover, 83 % of organizations claim that video offers a positive return on investment. Even though video production is neither simple nor inexpensive, it yields substantial returns. Moreover, internet video editing tools continue to evolve and become more reasonable. And even your smartphone can now create quite excellent videos.

Additionally, there is no need for your videos to be great. It's all about the content! According to the most current research, viewers are more likely to stop watching a video if it does not effectively define the product or service being advertised. Poor quality and design did not matter nearly as much if you take the help of a few free video editors. 

Search engines want engaging material for their users. Nothing attracts more visitors for longer durations than a video. In addition to this, Google isn't the only search engine that dominates the market. YouTube is the second most popular search engine. If you upload your video to YouTube in addition to your website, your exposure and likelihood of appearing in search results are significantly enhanced. In addition, if you promote your film on social media, your chances of being discovered skyrocket!


The availability and use of video advertisements are both becoming steadily common. In addition to technical developments, the ease with which videos may be distributed internationally also contributes to the rise in video consumption. Imagination and a grasp of human psychology are required to create marketing videos for your firm. This combination makes it possible to generate inexpensive advertising talents. Therefore, you should begin using free video editor sites if you are not already doing so. It is one of the most effective ways to contact customers in the digital era, especially on mobile and social platforms.